Sunday, 21 June 2015

Father's Day for the Newly Fatherless

    Today is Father's Day.  I am very blessed to have my father .  I feel very blessed because sadly there are many people that I personally know people who are spending this father's day without their father's for the first time.  I can only imagine the pain that they are in today.  I know grief, but all grief is not the same.  I know the grief of losing a child, I do not know the pain of feeling orphaned. I say that I can only imagine, because unlike so many who feel that because they have lost a pet or a job, they know the same pain.
    I hate that I am entering that horrible age where my friends are all beginning to loose their parents.  I need to remind myself almost daily how truly blessed I am to still have both of my parents.  As a child I thought that when I hit my adult years I would not need my parents, how sadly I was mistaken.  I'm not sure if there is ever a time that you don't feel like you need your parents.
    Life is a gift.  It is a gift that should not be squandered or taken for granted.  I know that life is so very fragile.  I will not pretend that there are times that life gets crazy and stress overwhelms me and I forget to be as grateful as I should be.  Sometimes I need to take a step back and remember that this life I lead is blessed.  I need to remember to treasure the small moments, and take a deep breaths and let trouble roll over me
    To you who are celebrating Father's Day, hug your Daddy just a little bit tighter.  Remember to tell him what he means to you and how much you love him.  To those of you this Father's Day who the raw grief is rolling over, please know that I have no words of comfort, only my thoughts.  Please know that my heart is with you.  Please know that I do not know your pain, but I hope that it becomes more bearable and that you can today and every day remember your father with love.

Happy Father's Day

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