Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Camping We Will Go.......

    A few years ago I happened upon a picture of the Bruce Peninsula.  It looked stunning.  It has made it to numerous "Must See in Canada" lists.  I desperately wanted to visit this place of beauty that was so close to home.  This year we did it.

     Let me begin by saying that our years as a family camping with a tent are so distantly behind us.  The last time we attempted putting up a tent, we almost divorced and the police were nearly involved.  We had met up with my sister and her family and my parents at a provincial park near North Bay.  For this trip we had bought one of those monster cabin tents.  We were all really excited about it.  We arrived in torrential rain, I'm talking Niagara Falls.  We tried to wait it out, but it soon became clear that there would be no waiting it out.  The kids went over to my sister's campsite, and Christopher and I began to assemble the tent.  As we began unpacking the tent, it became rather clear that the instructions for said awesome tent were back home.  Christopher and I are not a good team when it comes to building, or moving large things.  I have often said that if we were ever on the Amazing Race people would keep us on, just for the entertainment value.  The dusk was falling and our tempers were flaring. It was really good that we were camping with my family, because I had a temper tantrum, and threw everything down on the ground (by the way, that might be only the second temper tantrum of my entire adult life).  My brother-in-law Spooner walked over and helped Christopher put up the tent.  They had it up in like ten minutes.    The Lindsay Family style of camping now has yurt.  Turns out that Christopher and I like each other so much more and are still talking to each other when we just have to bring supplies.  

    I am a terrible procrastinator, and so it was Sunday night and I was still packing for our trip Monday. Oh heck, who am I kidding, I was still packing Monday morning.  As I began packing the van it became very clear that our van was not big enough for everything that I felt we needed to take.  We took advantage of every single nook and cranny of that van.  Although it does not look classy, I packed each family member's clothes for the week in a clear garbage bag.  I felt that this would work better for packing.  It would be more flexible.

    By the time the van was loaded the kids learned about what sardines go through.  There were many cries of "I'm claustrophobic", and "I can't move my legs".  In the end the van was loaded literally to the roof and we were off on our adventure.

    We arrived at the Bruce in high spirits.  We had unpacked the van, and I began to arrange the yurt while the kids explored. The further north you get the longer it stays light out.  It was just beginning to be dusk at 9:45.   I told the kids to come in and get their pjs on.  They listened and got dressed.  It was not long before Rowan asked where his clothes were.  We checked all the bags, we checked the car, they were nowhere to be seen.  We had forgotten Rowan's clothes!  So we became acquainted with the Owen Sound Walmart Tuesday.  Oh there is never a dull moment with us.

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  1. LOL....I can so relate to this camping story. We used to camp all the time and then we had kids and I no longer enjoyed it. We stick to cottages now. Are you in the Bruce now? Be sure to go to the candle shop at Miller Lake about 10ks outside of Tobermorry. It is amazing. Oh and take the ferry to flower pot island....incredible.