Monday, 14 July 2014

Sunday Night Movie In The Park

Anna Lounsberry, Michelle Langevin, TJ Hopkins and Nicole Labarge

    I sat in the warm building, savoring the breeze that came in through the screened windows.  All around me sat adults and children, there were children sprawled on the floor on blankets.  The air was full of children's giggles as Spanky and his gang got up to some slap stick antics.  I looked at the faces of my children, that look of utter contentment on their little faces, life was good.  Life was good, and yet I felt a little uneasy.  You know that feeling that you've forgotten to do something, shut off the stove, lock the front door, there's something that you were supposed to do.  It was when the bright energetic ladies who were hosting this event came around to ask if the kids would like some popcorn that I knew what that feeling was.  I was at an event for my children and was actually able to sit with my children and enjoy it.  I had nothing to do with the organization, I was just a participant.  That thought set me free.  I was able to slouch a little, enjoy where I was, that very moment in time.  I sighed a deep breath of relief, and utter contentment.

     So here is the beginning of the story.  A while back I began to notice facebook posts from a group calling themselves "More for Our Kids in Tweed".  This group wanted to make activities available to our children.  So often in this rural community we need to seek fun in other communities for our children.  This group of go-getters was trying to remedy this.  I began to notice posts like "we are trying to get movies in the park for the kids".  I silently clapped my hands thinking how great this would be for the children in our community, but most notably my own!  Then came the messages that "Kiwanis would be sponsoring this event, and it was a go".  My kids were giddy with excitement as they counted down the days until the movie in the park.
    Finally the day came.  It rained all day.  My kids kept asking "If it rains it will be canceled."  I kept telling them "wait and see",  hoping against hope that the day would clear, that if we chanted Rain Rain Go Away enough times it may take the hint!  The message appeared on facebook that the movie was a go and would be happening in the pavilion, no matter what.  With that the rain stopped.  The rain stopped and the humidity began.  Now I did not fear the rain, but sweating to death.  The kids were elated.  

    All afternoon the kids were excitedly discussing what the movie might be.  The ladies had kept it a secret to build the excitement.  "Do you think it could be the Lego Movie?  Grandma says that is what they are playing in Acton's movies in the park."  I silently prayed that it would not be the Lego Movie.   They exchanged ideas all afternoon.  The time finally came to gather them all up and head over to the movies.  It made it all the more exciting because Nana and Papa were coming too.  Our whole family would be able to enjoy this together.

    We entered the pavilion and were greeted by this really friendly, dark haired lady.  I was disappointed to see a small crowd.  That's too bad I thought to myself.  These ladies have done so much work to bring this to our community, and this is the thanks they get.  I tried not to get discouraged,  I hope they don't get burned out (like happens to so many of us Change The Worlders) but I instead focused on my children's excitement.  Soon we were all lost in the movie.  The kids were laughing at the movie filled with timeless kids humour.  A cool breeze had found it's way in to fight the humidity.  At one point one of the friendly lady who had greeted us came around and asked if we would like some popcorn.  A free movie and free popcorn!  The kids all sat there, their little faces lit up, happily munching away on their popcorn.  Life is good.

    When the movie had finished, the audience erupted into applause.  I looked around and noticed that there were a lot of people who had found their way in.  I also noticed happy faces on children as they staggered out, clasping their parents hands.  The movie was a success.  I saw that look of hard won achievement on all the faces of the ladies who had worked so tirelessly to bring this to Tweed for us.  I overheard one of them telling the others that she had counted "60 people in attendance, not to bad for the first night."

    It just goes to prove what I have long believed, there is no mountain too large when you have a group of like minded, determined Moms.  If we work together, there is no end to what we can do.  What the world needs is more moms like this group of ladies.  

    Thank you ladies for giving this gift to our children.  Thank you for your hard work, it did not go unnoticed.  Because of you, many children in our community are adding to their summer memories.  When they are adults and telling tales of their childhood, they will talk about going with their families to see movies in the park.  Thank you.

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