Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Corn Addiction - Thanks A Lot Walkers!

    My body is covered in cold clammy sweat, my hands have a slight tremor.  I feel a panic overwhelming me, I'm checking my purse for change, crawling around under the couches, the car.  My mind keeps envisioning that rich butter sliding down the side of that steaming hot corn cob.  Freshly cracked pepper and a dusting of salt accent it all.  It's like corn porn (is there such a thing I wonder?  Maybe this is a niche I could market....hummmmm) I NEED MY CORN FIX... NOW!

    Corn beautiful corn,  to be more specific, Walker's Sweet Corn.  Every summer I eagerly await the arrival of the corn shed across from Tim Hortons.  I find it cruel how they tease me at the beginning of the season.  They put the shed out usually a week before they're open.  I drive by every day, my mouth watering in anticipation of that sweet, sweet corn!  That first week that "closed sign" taunts me.  I do a little happy dance when I drive by and discover that window open.

    I am a regular customer, and that comes with it's little privileges.  I like it when it's Verna who serves me.  I always get "Hi Tristan" and she begins to fill the bag with my corn before I even ask.  Yesterday she told me that Will (that's Verna's husband) had just dug the potatoes that afternoon, that was a definite sell for me (like I needed a reason to buy new potatoes).  Usually when Verna is working her little adorable blonde helper is there with her.  I always get this beautiful shy smile.

    In addition to the corn, and new red potatoes, I also purchased purple beans... intriguing.  How could I not try them?  Verna warned me that they don't stay purple once they are cooked.  I bought them anyway.

    My purple beans did turn dark green when they were cooked.  They did retained a purple ting.  I boiled the salty water first, then added my beans.  I set my timer for 5 minutes.  This gave me the perfect tenderness.  These beans had a different taste than your regular green or yellow beens.  They had an ever so slightly stronger taste, but it was really good.  Oh they tasted so good!

    Oh, this is a wonderful time to live in a farming community.  Fresh meat, fresh produce, sweet air, oh life is good.  By supporting my local farmer I am ensuring that they can continue their passion.  I say "passion" because the majority of farmers that I know have to take a full time job to support their family, as well as their full time farming job.  These amazingly dedicated people are obviously not in farming for the profit... it is a passion.  To them I say THANK YOU.  I am supporting my local hard working farms, and I am feeding my family amazingly fresh, wholesome foods.  I know that these foods have been farmed in the right way, because these farmers also feed their own family the food that they themselves sell.

    Last night I drove home from the Walker's Sweet Corn stand with a smile on my face.  How can I not smile now that my corn withdrawal is about to come to an end?  I may have been humming.  I went right to the deck to begin to husk the corn, I enlisted a helper to make my job go faster.

    I was filling my basket with corn husks, and my bag with the now naked corn cobs, when... "Corn Husk Fight!"  Was shouted from my helper.  My face soon after that received a nice rain of corn silk.  I then returned the favour.  Soon the "corn husk" fight led to a certain little someone shoving corn husks down the back of my shirt and then the back of my pants.  We filled the air with screams of laughter (I'm sure the neighbours were just loving us).  Gracie and I were a comical sight by the time we had called a truce.  I looked a little like the Jolly Green Giant threw up on me.

    Let me say that last night's dinner was delicious!  There is such pleasure with the amazing whole tastes.  You truly can taste the freshness.  Oh I love this time of year!

Stay tuned to tomorrow's blog because I am going to share two new amazing corn 
recipes that I have tried this summer... 
oh they are good and perfect for the barbecue or camping!

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