Sunday, 1 June 2014

Our Deerhurst Retreat -ALONE

     I can't believe that it has already been a week since Christopher and I were away.  It feels like it was a life time ago.  Our lives are busy with 4 kids and all of the activities that they bring with them.  I love my life, it is the life that I have chosen, but still there are times when it is nice for it to all slow down.

    Last week-end Christopher and I went to Deerhurst ... ALONE.  It was glorious.  Originally we were going as a couples get away.  My friends are amazing, and a get away with them and their significant others would be amazing.  It would be both fun and at the same time give Christopher and I some alone time that we desperately crave.  Unfortunately two of the three other couples have husband's that work far away from home and are only home for week-ends.  One of those husbands had to work that week-end, and the other had just put in 21 days away from his wife and babies, and so he really needed to be with them ... understandable.  What it all boils down to is that it went from four couples having a fun packed, busy week-end to one couple just enjoying each other.

    The trip began with a very good omen, an omen that I knew meant that we would have a wonderful get away.  I have never seen a moose.  They are unofficially one of Canada's mascots, and yet I had never seen one, and always wanted to.  My sister has lived in Northern Ontario for the last 15 years and to her seeing a moose is no more exciting than for me to see a cow. Still, it was on my bucket list.  Every time we would drive through Algonquin Provincial Park those yellow signs with the aggressive looking moose would mock me.  Each time I would announce to the kids "We are going to see a Moose today."  Each time, no stinking moose.  I would then shake my fist at those mocking yellow signs and shout "Why do you mock me!" (me over dramatic, how could you say such a thing... HOW).
This time, we saw cars all pulled over to the side of the highway... this was a good sign.  There standing oblivious to everything around him, was a moose.  It was the ugliest creature I may ever have seen with it's fur all coming off and it's big face, and yet I was in love.  I would like to add that I was in love from a safe distance.  My sister has long cautioned about getting to close to a moose because they are unpredictable and surprisingly fast.  I stood outside of the van in awe of this huge almost mythical (o.k. only to me) creature.  

      Seeing that moose made my day, oh heck it made my month!  It set the tone for my day, and for my week-end.  I saw this amazing creature, this ugly and yet at the same time majestic creature.  I climbed into the van on a high.  I looked over at my husband, my face so full of happiness that my checks actually hurt.  He gave me this little smile (you know that 'I am married to a little simpleton smile).  "Are you ready to go honey?"  "Yeah, " I said breathlessly "I think I am."  "Aren't you excited?" I asked.  He gave me that same poor little simpleton look again, "I don't really care that much honey".  With that we drove slowly off.

        We arrived at Deerhurst, with me still on my moose sighting high.  We smiled like idiots as we walked through the revolving doors.  We approached check-in holding hands.  I felt as though I had been magically transported back to being 20 again.  Back when Christopher and I were just youngsters dating.  The staff at Deerhurst are always so friendly and amazing!  We made our way up to our room, floating on air.  A very nice treat awaited us on the desk, a bottle of wine.
    You know you are an old married couple when finally alone in a hotel room for only the third time in an almost 21 year marriage, when you are excited to just jump on the bed, it's sad really.  Those 20 year olds we were, may have had different ideas of what was fun, ideas that are not family friendly.  The two old farts however were just delighted to be together and in love after all these years.

    When this mini-vacation was going to be a couples thing we had planned Tree Top Trekking, horse back riding, the boys were going to play a round of golf.  It was going to be action packed days and long soaks in the hot tub at night.  The vacation that we ended up having was VERY different. Our mini-vacation was all about R and R.  We snuggled together in the big bed that did not have children or a dog.  We watched dvd's uninterrupted by little people who needed us.  In other words we just enjoyed each other.  This was an amazing opportunity for us to reconnect.

    Here is what I discovered, I really love my husband.  This something that I always know, but that is just more true when I have time to spend with him.  He is truly my best friend.  There were quiet times, but no awkward silences.  So many people our age are divorced or their marriage is on the rocks, but ours is rock solid, it's a very nice feeling.

    That week-end was just about us.  We did nothing, and ate like royalty (I will have a few blogs to share our gastronomic adventures).  We went down to the Maple and ate lunch, which was delicious.  I had an alcoholic beverage, The Miami Vice (think of what would happen if a Pina Colada and a strawberry daiquiri had an affair, and that affair yielded a love child).   I savored every-single mouthful of my meal and my delicious drink.  We sat like we were on a date, soaking in the warm wonderful sunshine, being treated to an amazingly beautiful view.  Our waitress was out of this world, but then again we have come to expect amazing service from Deerhurst.

    So that was our week-end away.  It was nothing exotic, nor was it adventurous.  We took a walk down to the point and sat in those glorious Muskoka chairs.  It was, however everything that we needed.  We had peace, we had quiet, but most importantly we had each other.   Right now it doesn't feel like we will ever have an empty house, but we will.  When we have that empty house (that is allowing that the kids don't do that boomerang thing and move back in) we will be o.k.  We will not suffer from that identity crisis that so many married parents suffer.  That is a very nice feeling.

    So here I sit a week later, still reaping the benefits of a week-end away.  I have more patience with the kids.  I have a stronger bond with my husband of almost 21 years.  It was worth every single penny that we spent.  As a matter of fact it was a kick off to a more energetic life (at least for the minute).

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