Thursday, 22 May 2014

Deerhurst Revisited - This time ALONE

    As I write this a thousand lists are running through my head.  I need to pack for the kids, for ourselves, clean the house and stock the fridge for the dog sitter, make sure all the laundry is caught up.... you get the idea.  Christopher and I are going back to Deerhurst, but this time ALONE!  I know,  I can't believe it either.  It was supposed to be a couples retreat with our friends, but one by one life happened for them and they weren't able to make it ... and then there were just two.

    There was a time not too long ago that I would never have entertained the idea of going away without the kids, that's just not something that good parents do.  I have come to realize that good parents need to have time to themselves to be good parents.  In the almost 20 years that we have been parents we have only been away from the kids overnight three times. 
    We have invested heavily in our children's well being and their future, and felt like it would dishonour them to be so selfish as to take for ourselves.  This was our mistake.  We need to invest in our marriage as heavily as we do in our children.  If we don't have a marriage, then our children's futures become irrevocably changed.  Our almost 21 year marriage has sheltered many storms that other marriages could never have withstood.  All of the heartache that we have endured has brought us more together than we ever were.  I can honestly say that I am more in love with Christopher now than I ever was, even in that giddy dating stage.  It will be nice to take off our mantles of "Mom" and "Dad" and just be Christopher and Tristan for just a little while.

    This week-end the kids are having a wonderful week-end with Nana and Papa.  They are so excited.  It's funny to think how excited they are because we see my parents almost daily.  It is easier to leave happy children, it makes our little adventure seem less selfish.

    I am looking forward to spending time with just my husband.  He is my best friend (and I don't mean that in a corny way, even though it may seem like it).  We never run out of things to talk about, and laugh about.  It is so rare that we get ten minutes together without either interruption of the kids or his work.   I am looking forward to walks throughout the beautiful Deerhurst grounds.  I am looking forward to coffee in the Muskoka Chairs at The Point.  I am looking forward to hot meals, and not cutting up anyone's food before I get mine.  I am looking forward to sleeping in.  I am looking forward to remembering all the reasons why I fell in love with this wonderful man of mine.  I am looking forward to the luxury and beauty of Deerhurst Resort.

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  1. What a tribute to your husband. He is a lucky man. Tidey