Friday, 19 July 2013

Iana Theatre's Fundraiser "Make Them Laugh"

The Cast of Godspell
       I was really sad to hear earlier this year that the Iana Theatre Group were taking a one year hiatus.  I read "hiatus" but what it said to me is "We surrender".  Not that I could blame them, and that's not what they really said, just my interpretation.  Here was an amazingly talented group of performers who were producing original Canadian plays that were phenomenal, but were not receiving the audience that they deserved.  "Alex Bell" was honestly the best play that I have seen in a very long time.  It was beautifully written and had Canadian songs mixed within the story.  I cried, I laughed, I was so proud to say that I know Tim Porter, and felt privileged to have been able to see such a masterpiece.  I looked around the theatre at all of the empty seats and could not believe how criminal it was that such a talented and smart play was not sold out.  I wanted to put an ad in the local newspapers and tell everyone how stupid they were for missing it.  It was shortly after this that Iana announced their "hiatus".  I felt so sad for them, but respected their need to lick their wounds and refocus.

    I was thrilled when I read that Iana was having a fundraising show, "Make Them Laugh".  "Make Them Laugh" features 1920's broadway tunes and features performances by Tim Porter, Danielle Ledger, Joel MacMeekin, Tricia Black, Julie Kevan, Julia Sunay, and Steffi Didomenicantonio, in other words an insanely talented cast.  
    The show is a fundraiser for Iana's future enviers.  Please come out and support this amazingly talented group of young performers.  By treating yourself to a night of entertainment you not only are entertained, but you are telling this talented group of young actors/ writers that you believe in them.  You are shouting out "I believe in Canadian talent, and I want to foster it's growth".  I guess what I am saying is that we are sending them a message, 
"We believe in you!  We Love You! Keep on Making your Magic!"

Make Them Laugh
The Marble Church and Performing Arts Centre
13 Bridgewater Road, Actinolite, Ontario
Show Starts at 7:30, doors open at 7:00
Tickets are only $25.00

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