Monday, 27 October 2014

Why I Love My Library!

    So often small town life means there are not as many opportunities.  It's that compromise, we give up opportunity in exchange for clean fresh air and knowing our community members.  I am alright with that compromise.  For anything that I feel like I would really like the kids to be exposed to that are not offered locally, I will take them to the city.  I'm alright with that compromise.  I am even better however with the fact that we have an AMAZING public library here in Tweed.  There is no compromise.

    Our library offers some really amazing opportunities for the children (and adults) in our community.  There are craft days, and now there is a mother daughter reading club.  It was Grace who was looking at the library website, and first noticed it.  This combined two of my great loves, reading and my kids.  We signed up immediately.  Grace and I were to pick a book that we would like to read.  Everyone in the group would also pick a book, and we would read them all and then discuss.  Later one of our librarians, (they are all three so amazingly nice) Wendy called to ask if Riley would also like to take part in the book club.
    The first book from our book club was a quick read, "Dork Diaries : Tales From A Not So Happily After".  We each received a copy of our very own book, that we could keep, it feels a little like Christmas!  When we arrived at our first book club meeting, Wendy greeted us with a big smile and offered us each hot chocolate.  It was just a really lovely experience.  I was spending time with my girls, bonding with them, but also doing something intellectual, but fun.  We received next month's book club selection "Heaven Is For Real".
    While the two big girls and I enjoyed our book club, Rowan was reading to Elly in the children's library (the room right next to us).  Later in the afternoon there were some special guests arriving at the library.... the Disney Princesses.  Elly's life sized Elsa had to come with us.  Elsa the doll proved to be a big hit with the waiting Princess enthusiasts.

    I could not help but smile as the "Princesses" made their way into the children's library for their meet and greet.  All the little girl's faces were alight with sheer joy and wonder.  So many little girls were dressed like their favourite princess, or in fancy dresses.  It truly was beautiful.  This is an opportunity that many would not otherwise have access to.
    I love my library because it brings opportunity.  It makes our world not so small.  When I go into the library, those wonderful ladies know my name, remember what books I like to read.  The public library is really the great equalizer.  It doesn't matter if I can afford to buy all the books I want to read, rich or poor I am treated the same.  Rich or poor I can fill my insatiable appetite for books.  With books I can travel anywhere in time, real or imagined.  At my library I can also learn.  My children can have opportunities without having to buckle up for a long ride into the city.  These are the reasons that I love my library!

    Thank you Cathy, Wendy and Corrine.  Thank you for bringing opportunity to our little piece of the world.

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