Friday, 1 August 2014

It's The Tweed Stampede

    I predict that after this week-end (The August Long Week-end) there will be hundreds of children begging for ponies and wanting to be rodeo stars.  There will be a rise in riding lessons and a run on western clothes.  Why you may ask?  This week-end is the Tweed Stampede.

    Years ago Trudeau Park was known as a great spot to catch concerts and have a wild time.  They appeared in the news and were on the lips of most of the residents of Tweed (not always in a favourable way).  It was a pretty wild time. Young people from all over Canada and the United States would flock to Trudeau Park's May 24 week-end.  It was a wild time in town, and something that most residents dreaded.  That was then, and thankfully this is now.
    Casey Trudeau (second generation Trudeau Park owner) and his lovely wife Cheri now run Trudeau Park.  They have two adorable little boys (and I suspect their boys were a good part of the reason why they wanted to bring family entertainment to the area).  Trudeau Park still has it's beautiful location, but you wouldn't recognize it as the same place, not really.  They have worked really hard to make Trudeau Park a place that you can bring your family.  They have brought Tweed the gift of rodeo, The Ram Rodeo Tour to be exact.  They have brought entertainment that you can bring the whole family to.

     Casey and Cheri have worked really hard to make this an event that the whole family will love.  This year there will be rides and concerts and fun for the family, including everyone's favourite... fireworks!  This will be something that will make memories for the family.  My kids went last year and loved it.  My girls came home wanting to be trick riders, and Rowan wanted to join the rodeo.  They came home full of excitement, each shouting over the other too excited to wait for the other to finish talking.  They came home wanting to go back again.

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