Friday, 4 April 2014

Our Family Vacation - Captain George's

    Admit it, you play that morbid game "What would your last meal be"?  "If you could have one last meal, what would it be? "  We all play it.  My last meal would be a never ending icy glass of Coke, and Crab, and Crab, and Crab and more Crab for dessert!  Did you figure it out yet?  I LOVE crab!
The entrance to Captain George's

    My birthday just happened to fall during our vacation stay.  My theory about my own personal birthday is that it's no big deal.... unless that is, no one properly acknowledges it!  I don't care what I do, as long as someone acknowledges that is indeed my birthday.  Christopher knows that the way to my heart is through sea food (and chocolate).  Quite often my birthday gift will be a dinner out at Red Lobster.  It's the closest place crab.

    This year's birthday I was at the ocean!  We asked the front desk at the hotel where they would recommend to get sea food.  Then we asked them "the telling", all important question ..."Do you eat there?"  To me the best way to find a great spot is to ask the locals.  They suggested Captain George's.  We were told the directions, but that we will find it right away because of the big ship going through the middle of it.

    I was a little cautious about "all you can eat".  In theory an all you can eat buffet is heaven.  The reality unfortunately is usually quantity over quality.  Too often the food is dry or over cooked, or just not that great.  I generally prefer to order off the menu and get something that has been made specifically for me.  I can assure you that Captain George's does not substitute quantity over quality.

Our AMAZING waiter!

    The first thing that I noticed was how stunningly beautiful the restaurant was.  It was so elegant.  The next thing that I noticed was how amazing their staff was.  I am accustomed to buffets where the waiter / waitress bring you a drink and then you don't see them again until it's time for the bill.  We had two waiters.  They kept our glasses full, and removed all of the dishes before I even knew it.  I was thoroughly impressed.  Our waiter(s) were not only amazing at their proficiency, but they were so nice and helpful.  It was impressive to see all of the waiters in the same sharp uniform also.

    We approached our dinner with the idea that it was my birthday.  Having said that, the prices were extremely reasonable.  When we went it was $30.00 an adult, children were half price and children under 4 were free.  If I had gone to local sea food restaurant it would have cost me $30.00 for a fraction of what was offered at Captain George's.  My crab portion would have been one portion of legs.

    I was amazed at the food selection that they offered.  We dined like royalty that night.  Christopher had Oysters Rockefeller (that's the only fancy thing that stands out because at that point I was in an every man for himself mode), I had maple glazed salmon, mahi mahi with a mango sauce, broccoli that was cooked to perfection, oh and my weight in crab legs.  They had big pots of your choice of melted butter or melted margarine to dip the crab in (being a purist, I chose the melted butter).  The kids loved being able to go up and pick anything that they wanted to try.  I always encourage the kids to push their comfort boundaries, and it's easier to do that with food when you know that if they don't like it, they don't have to finish it, and you don't have to pay for their chance at food exploration.

The stunning ceiling
    The food was amazing, the service was extraordinary.  There were so many items to choose from that it was difficult to try everything that you wanted to try and still have room for the things that you love.  The price was reasonable, I have only good things to say about Captain George's.

    Every single detail had been looked at in the planning of this restaurant.  Everything was immaculate, everything was beautiful.

The bathroom which is nicer than my house.

    A few years ago I went to a seminar through the school for people who helped in the school breakfast programs.  It was hosted by the local health inspector.  He discussed the best food handling procedures, everything that we would need to know to keep the children safe from food contamination. When we had finished, I asked him if there were any local restaurants that I should steer clear of.  I was only half joking.  My half joke yielded me some very interesting, very important information.  He told me that before I ordered my food to go and check out their bathrooms.  If the bathrooms weren't clean, then their kitchen would not be clean.  I am here to tell you that Captain George's washrooms were so stunning that I felt like I needed to take a picture... enough said.

    I would highly recommend Captain George's to anyone.  If I had one negative comment about it, it had nothing to do with the food, the atmosphere, or the staff.  The only negative was when we left the restaurant.  At the end of the restaurant were two gentlemen sitting surrounded by brochures.  One of them rushed to open the door for us as we were leaving.  Turns out they were selling time shares.  They were not unpleasant, as a matter of fact the one guy reminded me very much of Chris Pratt from The Office.  He was extremely pleasant and enjoyable to talk to.  There was no hard sell, but I would have rather been able to leave the restaurant still floating on air, and not having anyone try to sell me anything.

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