Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Our Family Vacation - Gino's Pizza in Easton, Pa

    The last time we visited Easton, Pennsylvania was 8 years ago.  We had gone specifically to visit the Crayola Factory.  After a day of fun we were hungry.  We walked across the street to Gino's Pizza.  Christopher ordered a Philly Cheese Steak and I ordered the fetticcini alfredo to share with the kids.  It was the most delicious fetticcini alfredo I have ever before or since tasted.  Every time I eat fetticcini alfredo I think wistfully of Gino's.  I should say "THANK YOU VERY MUCH GINO'S - you've ruined fetticcini alfredo forever!  Nothing tastes nearly as good as yours!!!!

    When we decided to visit The Crayola Experience on our way to our Virginia Beach holiday, we knew we HAD to stop for dinner at Gino's.  Our memories of their delicious food had not deceived us.
We walked in through the doors, heavenly smells greeted us.   The lady at the front greeted us with a big friendly smile... I like that.  Apart from the amazing food, what I like about Gino's is it is honest.  It is not pretentious, it is not fake, it is a real pizza place.  It is spotless, loved.  The food is real.  There are no frozen crusts in the freezer, they "make" their food.

    We ordered a large cheese pizza for the kids and fetticcini (of course) for me.  Christopher was tempted by the calzonish looking pies on the counter, that is what he ordered.  We sat at the table, rehashing our fun day at the The Crayola Experience.  While we were sitting there we watched the man spin our pizza.  I have seen this in movies, never in real life!  It was amazing to watch.  The kids and I walked closer to watch him.  The poor guy, I think we made him uncomfortable watching him like he was in the circus.  He was so gifted!  It is like a precise art.

Christopher's dinner

    The staff at Gino's are phenomenal!  The lady at the counter was amazingly friendly, nice, helpful.  She saw that we had a hundred children and asked if we would like cups for our bottles of pop.  Most places look at you disgusted because you are sharing, but not Gino's.

    I happened to peek into the kitchen when I was up purchasing drinks.  There I saw an amazing sight.  The man I had made uncomfortable by watching him like a circus act, he was making my alfredo sauce.  Most big box chain restaurants have pre-made sauces that they pour.  At Gino's they "make" your food.  I watched in amazement as he melted the butter in a great big pan.  I turned away before he caught me, afraid to make him feel more uncomfortable.  In a time when everything is about convenience and time efficiency I appreciate it when someone takes the time to do it the right way.  I make a habit to make the majority of my family's food from scratch.  It tastes better and it's better for them!  When I go to a restaurant and pay someone to make my food, I appreciate when they do things the way I do them! That means a lot to me.

As you gaze upon this beautiful sight,
imagine a sweet chorus of angels singing.
    Our meal came out piping hot, and exceeding our high expectations!  My fetticcini came out in what appeared to be a serving bowl.  There was enough that I could have fed the entire family and had leftovers.  Tender, flavourful bits of chicken were on top of the rich creamy sauce (my mouth is watering a little just remembering it).  The kids raved about their pizza, declaring it the very best pizza that they had ever tasted!  As a matter of fact we ordered pizza last night and Grace said that while it was good, it was not half as good as Gino's.  

    A visit to Gino's pizza is worth the drive in and of itself to Easton, Pennsylvania.  For us it was the icing on the cake so to speak.  We had just finished an amazing day at The Crayola Experience and ended it with the most delicious meal.  We left Easton with smiles on our faces, ready for the long, long drive to Virgina Beach.

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