Friday, 13 December 2013

The Unconventional Moose / Our Elf on The Shelf Adventure

    The internet is riddled with pictures of people posing their "Elf on a Shelf" in in stupid "adorable" poses.  This has always illicited an eye roll from me.  People have these ugly, slightly frightening little dolls in a variety of poses.  These poses range from bubble baths in mini marshmallows to eating cookies.  I longed to purchase said elf and make him do perverted things (I have problems).  It seemed however like a lot of money to spend on something that would only be used for my own personal sick enjoyment.
    Last week my sister began to put pictures of her elf on a shelf up, doing those stupid adorable poses. That was it, I would not be out done!  I would have an Elf On The Shelf, the competition was on!  Oh I would win this with my sick and demented pictures... even if my sister did not know it was a competition.  The only problem was how to procure said elf.  That very day one of my friends had asked the same question on Facebook.  Someone had told her that "The Unconventional Moose" had some.  I quickly dressed Elly, picked up my Mom and headed up to the Moose.

    The Unconventional Moose is this amazing little shop just north of the highway 7, highway 37  turn off.  It is full of beautiful and unique gifts items.  It is the goto shop for beautiful gifts.  I was only in the shop a few minutes when a lady asked if I needed any help.  I told her that I had heard that they had Elf on a Shelf.  She then asked if I was Lisa.  I told her that depends on how many Elf on Shelf they have left.  If there is only one, then "Yes, I'm Lisa".  Luckily for "Lisa" there were two.  I scooped that little bad boy up before anyone else got the chance.

    With my Elf on a Shelf safely put by I was free to wander the store.  They truly do have the most beautiful and unique gifts.  I walked around the not so little shop making a mental inventory for my Christmas list.

    There were beautiful warm winter boots and gorgeous suede and leather mittens, just begging to be worn.  My Mom fell in love with tiny moccasins, I assured her that it was only a dream, because this baby factory is closed!

    We wandered around the shop, ohhing and awwing.  So many beautiful things.

I know two little girls who would love the horse section.

    Elly fell in love with the life like animal puppets.

For the camo enthusiasts there were an abundance of clothing to choose from. 
 There were even adorable infant versions.

I found a shirt that had Christopher's name all over it.

I also found "Racing Nuns" with my name all over them... hint hint.

Elly really loved modeling all of the fun and cozy hats.

I fell in love with the stunning games.  I could picture them in my fantasy cottage.

There is tons of stunning jewelry.

Elly also really enjoyed shouting "Hey Mommy, take my picture!" throughout the store.

    We had a really nice afternoon looking at beautiful things, and I came out with my Elf on the Shelf.


  1. Loved the toilet seatcover.. No, i do not want it. Tidey

    1. To late, it's already wrapped and under the tree with your name on it ... LOL